Thursday, April 17, 2008

my first blog..

Why do people blog??

ooh.. it's my first blog and i just created this blogg account a while ago. As for my first topic, "Why do people blog?" for me, i do blog because thoughts are precious, they are so much valuable and rare. Just as the saying "Time is Gold", i think IDEAS too! so why not wrote them down. I say RARE, because for as for me, i wrote things when i'm in my mood. There are times i can hardly squeezed up my head doing anything so i always end up sleeping or eating. And one thing, i plan on keeping my blog in english so it can be a little formal at least (is it?? =D ).

Another reason why people blog is: i think it's like a trend, or a cool thing everyone is doing so why can't I?? Also it is a way of communicating of distant friends and sharing memorable pictures. Who doesn't like taking pictures?? everyone does!! "Hey!! check out our pics, i uploaded it just now and it's cool!" "Dude! I've uploaded our dance video.. It's funny!" Surely, IT IS a great way of sharing..

Uhmm.. another reason?? let me think.. uhm.. I personally saw other profiles and their's was amazing. Lot's of pictures of pretty faces, good cars, luxuries.. I think others do blog to show what they got and what they have. It's kind of a "great feeling" of showing others "i have what others don't" or "I'm pretty! look at me!". Oh! no offensement to anyone. What Im writing is just a stupid opinion and anyone can do their's too.

Another reason is I think.... Writing!! Some people love the feeling of their work being read by many. It's a good feeling you show others your thougth about something and afterwards, they comment and they'll be your critic. Sometimes making an arguement and often times, develops a disagreement and turns out to be a debate wherein flamers and posers and spammers appears and trash talking and cursing happen on your page. And thanks to your TOPIC, they all went crazy!! LOL!!

Some people make living in blogging. I'm not much involved with any of these but who doesn't want to?? you sit comfortably at your home with your pc in front writing anything and you'll get paid?? Juan Tamad! but an intelligent one! LOL! im don't have much of idea about it so i can't further comment. =D

oooh.. i ran out of ideas.. LOL! well i think this will do for my first entry.. all things in here are only my opinions just like anyone else can. bye for now! Godbless us! =D

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