Friday, April 25, 2008

Satan deceives.

A while ago I was watching tv. Gag shows, music channels, (no cable tv for now.. =( missing the HBO, Cartoon Network, and the WWE superstars)and everything that catches my short span of attention. While surfing through channels, my eyes got hooked up watching 700 club asia. Being a Christian and a person who attends church and bible studies regularly, I was educated into things about religion(I am not a saint!) and about God so 700clubasia would not be a priority for me to watch.

What interests me is about those satanists who confess and became Christians. Lots of questions came to me.. How did they worship satan?? Is there any rituals or ceremonies?? What urges them to worship satan?? How would they know satan's will?? in general, How to live a life being with satan??

As I think of random things within myself, I was wondering why these things interests me. Did I desire to be one of them?? Absolutely no!(Groar!!) Think of an attractive small white jar with colorful images covering it tied with a big red ribbon and your mom told you NOT to open it until she come back. Uhmmm........ of course out of curiosity, I'll open it. That's why we seek for the things that are new to us, that are seldom talked about. If you have 2 boxes of chocolates, one is already opened and saw what's inside, and the other one is unopened and looks attractive, which one would you pick?? of course the unopened one.

Now going back to the satan thing..

What urges them to be a satanist?? This guy(I'm not good at names and references so let's assume his name was "Leopoldo"), Leopoldo, once believe in Christ. A sudden accident happen with his mom and his mom died(to make the story short). From there, he decided to be a satanist. I know he believes in Jesus but refuses to worship Him because of what happen to his mom, and to show serious disobedient to God, he worshiped satan. This section of the story really caught me. Leopoldo, being a satanist, actually saw satan himself! and I learned that not only Leopold who saw satan but every satanist.

Leopoldo says: "Nakikita ko siya. Nakakausap ko na parang kaibigan. Normal lang."

interviewer: "How does satan look?"

Leopoldo: "Yung nakikita natin sa tv na me sungay at buntot, hindi po siya ganun. Very attractive si satan".

That clearly reminds me of satan, once, being a dominant the most beautiful angel in heaven. But as satan, appearing in front of you is a real creepy thing! I'm starting to have goosebumps from where I am seated(rrrrr!). Satan once personifies as a serpent in the garden of eden. It may not be his real appearance but they're sure It's satan. Maybe some would thought that Leopold is in some mental problem but the way I watched the program, I say It's fairly the usual thing. And hey! I'ts the 700 club asia, followers of Christ don't lie in a national television. I have encountered some articles, I've read about Marilyn Manson's few interviews(Marilyn Manson is an antichrist and a reverend at the church of satan.), the conversation was something like this..

interviewer: Marilyn Manson, where did you get your concepts when writing a song??

Marilyn: "I get my songs from satan. I play my old tracks listening to it, and I summon satan in front of me. Doing some rhythms and satan gives me the lyrics and there it goes."

interviewer: Can you summon satan?

Marilyn: "Of course I can. I do that every time."

I forgot the precise detail about the conversation, but the conversation is something like that if I'm not mistaken.(I told you I'm not good at references) At first I don't believe Marilyn. Given the fact that he's a complete psycho. But after what I watched, Yes! I now believe him!

Leopold also was fascinated by music. With that, he wished satan to boost his music skills and the charm for girls. Leopoldo says, for satan to do that, there's a deal. The first 10 years of indulgence with girls, sex, fame, money, and everything, would be free. But for the 11th year, he should offer a life as a sacrifice for him to extend his indulgence. Human to be specific. And not only an ordinary man, but the one who's close to him(family members, uncle, girlfriend, etc). Remind me of the movie "Bedazzled" has anyone remembered the movie?? Brendan Fraser sold his soul to Elizabeth Hurley(played as satan) for 10 wishes just to make the girl fall in love with him. (better watch the movie).

When it comes to music, I remembered Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and many other artists that we looked up to as pioneers and legends when it comes to music. Yes they were good! their songs are immortal and being played in the radio upto now. But I have also read articles about them being an antichrist. (go on search google) Is their skills came from satan?? more likely.

Leopold also says that there are lots of antichrist who are involved in media, music, and television, which has the opportunity to corrupt minds of people especially the minds of the youngs. Leopold reveals that evil works hide in kiddie cartoons where monsters, children, and evil in the story became friends which is not what should really happen in reality. Reminds me of the red guy in the cartoon "cow and chicken". Video games are also a huge factor(I'm guilty of it!).

Well.. I myself have Christ in me. now that's a fact! hahaha! It seems you are wondering why I do know a lot about evil things. Yes I was interested about it. Not because I want to do it, but because I want to be conscious of my acts. I don't want to unintentionally commit sin. As what I'm always saying, we have our brains to analyze, to think, and rationalize. Don't just sit there and let people direct your thoughts, instead make your own.

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