Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i moved in to some place...

whenyoureinbedyouredead.wordpress.com =D =D =D

Saturday, November 1, 2008


In life, there's a time if stagnation and imobilization. You lazed on a specific things, and lay interest on the other. Feeling like a living dead, sometimes overflowing with happiness, sometimes unproductive and useless. And when you realize you are existing in a world of reality, it's hard coming back from where you really are.

From here, this post will be the last from this where I write. Not to be so emo or whatever, but I choose to be like this for a while. Afterall if i'd say I won't write blogs anymore, I knew I would lie and would break promises. Just now i've realized and appreciated the saying; "Life is a rollercoaster!" and I am one hell of it.

My blogroll will stay the same and I, will always be your enthusiastic reader as I always be. I'll just fix myself up as well as some people whom I think I've done wrong.

I love you blog friends! =D