Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the first employment..

I didn't expect things like this. My friend whose working in an office contacted me and asking if I wanted to work. To be her assistant. Of course I really have to think about it. Considering that I am not yet graduated, no working experience, etc. I also doubt myself if I am capable of the work that will be given to me. She asked me if I am familiar with Windows Movie Maker(WMM) then I said yes! I've done some projects doing WMM. Then she said, "then good! text mo ko kung sure ka na.." And no hours passed until I accepted the offer. No requirements needed, no interviews, no practical examinations, just all verbal agreement. It made me decide faster knowing that it is summer, no classes and I have nothing to do at home. Besides, the verbal contract will took only 2 to 3 weeks depending on how fast will I work. Being excited about it, I ask people who are involved with the same school(school is where the work is), ask them where's the office and how to get there and fortunately, people are glad to help. I accepted it for me to gain experience and least priority would be the salary(plastik! haha!).

The day came that I should report at the office. I woke up very early about 4:30am(not used to waking up early! XD) I left the house 5:15am.. I rode bus and approaching edsa was a really devastating, rude, ugly traffic!!! the school is at Sucat, Paranaque. real far from home. And I came 2 hours late! haha! good thing one of my boss is my friend. And people are not that strict about time(maybe because it's summer.. school is not hectic). There they set-up the computer I'll be using. Yay! I have my own place at the office, with a company computer assigned to me. Well.. I am oriented but not like the strict office, it is an informal one. Were like friends in there. There's no pressures but should know your work. I being there, was supposed to edit the student's videos. It is a Christian music school. My work will be editing and furnishing the recitals videos of the students. Hearing those violins, drums, voice, piano, some are good, some are not yet good. But it's good seeing some potential musicians trained to serve God in the future. I play some instrument like Guitar, Drums, Viola, a little Piano, I know how to play but not good at it and hopefully I'll be like those kids someday. In my work assignment, at first it took me about thirty minutes to finish one project. But as I spend more time doing it, It's pretty easy getting the knack of it. And as I get the right hook and stroke, I could say even a thirteen year old could do what I am doing. And I got the chance of seeing the school. The field, laboratories, rooms, offices, and some familiar people are in there. Mostly are people who knew my dad(it's because we're once in a same denomination) and that gave me an advantage. Yup! it's a new thing to me. The surroundings, environment, of being an office man. But the work seems to be familiar because in my house, I spend lots of time facing the computer so it would be easy.

I truly enjoy working. When I work, commuting to office, etc., I feel the sense of independency in me. I feel like I am a grown man who knows everything in life. I decide where to ride going in there, I travel alone thinking of random things, blogging in my mind(out of nowhere, i crave for dictionary to find word meanings and definitions), and I do things in the office not only because I wanted to, but a responsibility. In home, where I do some computer stuffs, when i get lazy, I momentarily forget what I am doing and do other things instead. But in the office, there's when I get lazy doing things repeatedly(I guess most office works are like that), I remind myself, "this is not a non-sense stuff you do at home to kill boredom.. it is your job!" And from there I get pumped-up continuing work. It just happens that teacher beng and teacher monica(my bosses!) was playing browser games and I can't help watching and join them playing haha! So during little breaks, you'll see me playing diner dash!haha!

Today is the Labor day! tomorrow is my third day of my three weeks of work, I'm lucky to have experience a holiday.haha! Right now Maybe I should use this day to rest because I got colds and coughs. I got it when being exposed to heavy pollution(because of commuting). I remember at the office working with an uncontrollable flow of uhog in my nose. I've got a lot of plans to do today so I think I should take a little rest and continue my routine later....