Monday, April 28, 2008

I R teacher

Finally! The Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) is over. Phew! I got so much in mind to put into my blog, I almost pre-concluded the things that will happen to the DVBS graduation. Good thing I fell asleep that night, I don't have the chance to post it and I can put up all those things happened more than I expected.

I, became a teacher for a week. And it was fun. Teaching those cute little preschoolers and toddlers. I enjoyed being with them, not to mention, I really really love kids. Witnessing the childhood of our future generation.

Yes it was real fun! You've teach them how to pray, tell stories, activities, connect the dots, clay, posting, stickers, crayon works, songs and actions and a lot more. It's a challenging thing to think of your part as a teacher on how you'll mold and leave a mark on those kids memories. As I first met my students, I was expecting children aging 4-6 years old who are studying so I can do a day-care-like teaching format. And they were there. I was surprised that most of them are like 2-3 years old and the rest are 3-6, and we have 8 year old preschool! I told myself this is going to be a difficult one.

Meet the students...

I have like 18 students but I want you to meet these kids who caught my attention, and somehow special to me.

Meet drew! One of my cutest and my favorite students. She's one real cute girl I'll never forget. She never go at least 3 meters away from her lola and was very shy. She dances and plays when we're not looking. And I never let the day passed without her giving me a sweet kiss at my left cheek.

And here's Patty. This sweet little girl has the wit and the charm for others to like her. She tells story(anything just to say something), asks me to go somewhere, wants me to sit in front of her, and anything just for her to get your attention and will hug you unexpectedly. (Yes I looked wasted!! those kids really drained me out!)

Lui.. This kid really amazed me! He's artworks are good. He already knows what he's doing. Adventurous and creative he is. There was an activity where we give them clay to make any figure they want, and out of all of their works(including some mommies that misses their childhood who makes the activity for their kids), some did circles, faces, and stuffs a 5 year old will make, but the one he created was I think a grasshopper or an ant I think. It's a detailed one that you won't expect from a boy like him. Though, It's really hard getting his attention and most of the time you see him running and running.

Here's Pia(left) and Aiyah(right).. they're cousins so you often see them together. Very smart and playful, you see it by their picture pia doing the peace sign! as if they already know a lot and it's funny that kids nowadays are thought(maybe their instincts haha!) on how to project when facing cameras.

Trixie! A wacky face she's portraying in this picture. This cute girl oftentimes speak the "K-language". "Kuya jimbo anu ba kakawin natin ngaun?" replaces G with letter K so it goes something like that. And that first picture is me drawn by her. cute!
At the left was cheska together with her cousin patty, lui, and me. I was amazed at Cheska's eagerness to join the DVBS even though she has this mumps still she goes. And yes I knew I can also have it, but then I don't mind it as long as these kids should enjoy the time being my students.

My most Outstanding student Ren-Ren. Good at artworks and listens to every story I share to them. He even helped us teachers by encouraging his classmate to behave when they have to. Sometimes maharot but It's normal and knows when to stop.

Carhl! The cutest, but the pinakamakulit of them all. He goes anywhere and hides anywhere. It's hard for him to stay in a certain place. That's why we have to approach him in a playful way. We always play "the superman" where I toss him upwards and catch. He gives me most of my headache and joy when he, calls my name "kuya jimbo!!"

The last but not the least.. Centie! First look and somehow you'll notice somethings wrong with him. My class should have the age of 6yrs old and below but Centie, he is already 8 year old. Yup! but his mental capability was close to 3 or 4 years old. He can't speak clearly, he don't know how to read or write, even connecting the dots is a hard thing for him to do. That's why I always give him extra attention. He may not be that normal but I see a playful child in him and a child that also needs attention.

oooooh.. it's really hard teaching those kids but after all those hard work is a fulfillment seeing them graduated with those ribbons hanging in their shirts and a smile on their face. Some, are asking when will be the next DVBS?? maybe they want more! (5 days is enough!!! XD) I asked some if they enjoyed the whole week.. and they replied yes! patty said to me.. "sana kuya jimbo ikaw nalang ulit teacher namin" and that gave me a pinch to my heart. Makes me think that I've done something good.

Well... It's a good thing I didn't experience maghugas ng pwet ng bata! they say It's a voucher of being a true preschool teacher. If that's so, I'm off being a teacher! haha! just kidding =D I'm lucky to be only like a basahan where my shirt gets all their sipon, laway, pawis, and any unnecessary thing. But It's all part of it! .......................

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