Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RANDOM is a mundane encounter

He is mighty to save!

My archives shows that I blog once a month. Then I call myself a blogger?? Disgrace! Oh well... Lately, most things happened in a fulfilling, satisfying,, and tremendous way. It's been a long time since I got active again on going to my home church. After some series of struggles, pain, disappointments, and hate, I am back to the square one where my soul truly belongs, to my savior Jesus Christ(don't worry, I'm still jiMboY the way I am. LOL). After a spiritual/emotional/physical/mental/social hiatus, I had a chance to talk to myself. I feel lonely, without purpose, I'm just living my life to be a part of the quantitative purpose of mankind.

Some christian band concerts were held. Hillsong, Passion, Sonicflood, and being at some of the those concerts was truly an amazing feeling. Each song will struck me as if God's saying; "Here's a smash that you'll surely ask for more!" and yes, God is faithful. He redeemed me of my heart's coldness ang anguish. Also a factor are those friends. Their burning heart and passion was infathomable that made me thinking, "We're not like this before. It is now huge and titanic youth foundation!" If you people I am talking about happen to read this, I thank God for each of you! So much blessed to have you as my friends. And Once again, I commit myself to God. My talent(a frustrated musician), my humors, my tiny sense of leadership, my not-so-popular journal, and all I have. NOW I SURRENDER!!!

rain, rain, go away!

It started again. I'm experiencing. I had this before but never did expect to feel this way again.

I'm tired of school! I lazed on it..

This is why I hop courses one to another and another and my college life is now in chaos. My mind changes like a 37 year old pre-menstrual woman and I cannot focus on a certain field or committment for a long period of time. If this is some serious psychological problem, then I admit I had it!


Eight days of texting infinity with a dime of worth. I lost my globe sim card and with that, I bought a TM one that I thought was cheaper and can now text my friends that are globe users. And it surely did meet my expectations. Some friends would poke fun at me that I was categorized to those hard working people(which I am not) because the network targets local market vendors, construction workers, jeepney drivers, etc. Well in fact I remember when I was 2 or 3 years of age, I remember my grandfather whose a jeepney driver back in Quezon, would sit me beside him in the driver's seat of his jeepney allowing me to hand him those fares from the passengers with my chubby little hands. Oooh.. so much to reminisce. I've got a lot of stories to tell so I am keeping every topic short as possible but I find it hard LOL. Ooops.. I almost finish this section without the thought of it. I had unlimited texting for 8 days which is supposedly just only 2. LOL. ang babaw!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My wR!t!n6 $ucKs @s T!me g0E$ by!

Now that you're gone, is only the time I've realized that I really really need you in my life. When I move in another place, I left you there waiting. Abandoned, just like a used paper towel. Now that you're not in me, I suffer. No one will ever help me do my assignments, No one will entertain my lonely nights, I feel like nothing else without you. There's no one I'll turn to when I have problems to confess. My fingers are stiff because there's no more you that I can play my fingers with. No more you, No more.. None!

Before I had you always in me. But now you are a luxury. Till then I realized how important you are in my life. I'm really really tired of this, please come back!