Thursday, April 17, 2008

hate that i love it! dota allstars.. yeah yeah im childish! so what?? >:D

Aaargh!! I think it's been 3 to 4 years since i start playing this addicting game. DotA allstars (Defense of the Ancients) it is. Oooh! Grown ups are a little off with this topic because they will find this boring and childish LOL. Well I admit, I am childish. Going back with the game, this action base type of a role-playing game wherein you pick a hero, choose your side and you play as an individual character. The main goal of the game is to destroy the main structure of the opposing team. The "sentinel" the good side, and the "scourge" the dark side. While the main goal is to destroy each others structure, in order to do that effectively is to farm (gather as many gold as you can) to buy stuffs that boosts your fighting skills and abilities so you can kill kill and kill your opponent.. yaah!! blag!! shugg shugg!! ting!! (now i am childish! =D) The most exciting part of this game is that you can play with others through network connection so you fight real people. You have allies that are real people. You can build strategies and techniques to win.

Well, surely, this game is addicting. Were humans, demons, Ghost, Nature, Animals, and many more personifies to be a certain unique character. But going into reality, "is it just a game?" yah it is a game! Some ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages, ok ok! we'll do a list of some goods and bads about playing it.

1.) Builds teamwork.. the way you cooperate with your allies to win the game

2.) Boosts your self-esteem, confidence, or whatsoever.. by playing it, you are involved with real people so you are expected to do your part in game.

3.) Bond with friends.. yah it builds closer relationships with friends. Here, where i play, It is a mutual agreement of every tambay dudes to be at the shop around 7pm-12am to play.

4.) Fullfillment when gaining victory.. who doesn't want to win?? it's a good feeling when all your hard work is rewarded with a victory. Kahit na sabihin ng iba na "walang kwenta naman yang nilalaro mo!" as long as you know you do your best to win.. it's all worth it!

ok enough of the good ones, let's go on the bad effects!! Many are guilty about this.. mas marami toh! haha!

1.) Time consuming.. yah yah! it has an average time of 60mins to finish a set of game.
-adik: ok lang enjoy naman eh!

2.) Waste of money.. even if you have your personal computer at home, it's better playing at shops were you play with your friends, together being in a same place where you play. All those "hoy! ang tanga mu naman bakit ka nagpapatay??" or "hoy pare tulong!!!" or "bobo!" or "nice team!!" LOL there's no room for "basa tae" or pikon. Rate is 15pesos per hour, so if we play 3 or 4 sets of game, it'll took me 60pesos and we do that every night LOL.
-adik: sus! mayaman naman si papang at inang!

3.) If you have what they call pusong mamon, or balat sibuyas, better back off this game because here, trash talks and flaming are part of the game even bad mouths are everywhere too LOL

4.) You go home late at night..
-adik: wala kaya ku curfew!! batas toh!!

5.) during school days, sometimes you'll choose playing over school. Just like every college geek! good thing i overcomed this habit..
-adik: ok lang bumagsak! kunin ku nalang sa summer yan!

6.) Because of hours without physical activity during game play, some muscles gets stiff and bilbil multiplies!! haha!

I think this is few things affecting one's who play the game.. Well the bottomline is, don't forget your responsibilities, as a school boy, as a person and as a human being. We're here to dominate things on earth, not things on earth dominates us. This is all for now.. Godbless everyone!

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