Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Lately I was acting weird. Always being in a state where my mind is somewhere far from where it supposed to be. Mind-boggling! Yes it is somehow disturbing to be like this. I've been blogging for 2 or 3 weeks and I developed a habit where I blog within my mind. I don't know how or why but I'm experiencing addiction within blogging and writing. The urge to write simple and common things and events in a way it will be worth the effort to write and to be read. Last night, going home from work(sounded like I am a professional haha!), the usual thing, I rode MRT, FX, and jeepney. A jeepney ride going to baclaran, a walk to the MRT station, different people, different situations, random happenings, are there. Which gives me the excitement to write and can't wait to go home turn on the pc then do my thing. In the MRT, my route is from Taft to North Ave. Both station ends the MRT line which I ended up staying at the train sit for quite long time. And I'm there, long time of staring at peoples faces, seeing malls and buildings we passed through. I blog within my mind, I compose words and sentences on how will I narrate things I wanted to. Starting on the first sentences, some event details, climaxes, and how will I end. I'm tripping on words and enjoys mouth flowering words(but im not good at it!). I just only have this memory problem where I easily forget things and will remember it later. It is second from forgetting dreams and nightmares. As much as I wanted to get a pen and a paper in my bag to write some notes about my thoughts, the situation won't allow me since MRT at rush hours would always be crowded. Good thing I always have my cellphone with me in my pocket. I manage to record my thoughts in it even a simple words that would remind me of what I am thinking. And to share some notes I've wrote, "Baclaran, baho, mrt, vendors, singet, baliktad, pa ganun! Kamuning, martin! Ale tulak". If I am to read someone's phone with a note something like that, I would say it is a non-sense haha! Being in a "mind-blogging" state is something like someone only exist physically being in a certain place moving or not, and lacks presence, because the mind is somewhere making girly diary(just my stupid meaning XD). It really took me that I even inserted the metallic card in the MRT entrance the other side causing the machine not to accept it and I ended up being thought by others how to do the right way which I actually knew.

Before, I was a closed book where I can only count in my right hand fingers the people who know me by heart(that includes God and some special persons). If people would claim that they knew me and my humanity, I tell you, you've just seen a part of me. Being always a humorous person that cracks jokes, being an ice breaker, and sometimes the naughty one, people would know me as a happy go lucky person and an optimist who sees life with overwhelming happiness. But then, I discovered blogging and with those writers and blogs I've read, I got inspired and told myself "these people are great!" with an amazing blogs and articles that are created by youth just like me. And I said to myself "I have also thoughts like this and like that.. I can also make one!" It is just doing essays and free-hand writing(which I enjoy) during my high school days. And there it goes.. I am now a blogger. For now I have about 53 or 54 profile views(mostly my log-in views haha!). And those readers, who are majority are my friends, would somehow catch a glimpse of my whole being. By blogging, I am now opening a museum of my inside self. Letting others see what am I really. But what you see or what you read will stay here. I am the same me. Makulet, pilyo, sira ulo, loko-loko, komedyante. People know me that way and I enjoy portraying my self that way. I am not hindering anyone to read(even my siblings who secretly read this! anak ng! XD). I have my own thoughts, I write them not to please anyone. It's really this mind-blogging thing that annoys me. Maybe I'll start learning on how to act the normal way even blogging in my mind................

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