Thursday, April 17, 2008

summer means being bored at home =D

What are you expecting to do when summer vacation strikes?? Going somewhere in batangas?, beaches in Zambales?, a resort in Laguna?, Puerto?, boracay?, or an out of country vacation? I myself had gone batangas, sleepover at sta maria bulacan, foodtrip at calumpit, and many places. It's fun! with those sunburns, and sando line(just like bikini lines but a sando). I've met people, saw different places and, being in a different community, bond with my friends, taking pictures and a lot more. Everyone is expecting great this summer. 2 months of less worries about school (yes i know you take summer class so I'm not including you!) and many things set aside.

But!summer and vacation is actually not an everyday party for me. No school means no allowance. Without money I can't buy things I want(for now, I don't want anything so I think it's ok), can't go to places I wanted to(Friends place, malls, etc.). I can ask my parents for money and of course they hand me but not at all times(and of course they don't want to spoil me too much we don't have that much resources). Whenever there's an opportunity of going out, I go. But during ordinary days. I stayed home doing nothing. Eat my breakfast, play the piano, watch television, browse, then in the midnight, Through blog, I evaluate myself being surprised, "ooh! i accomplish this! I accomplish doing nothing!" haha! A zombie without a purpose haha! But as i look into some of my friends, hey! i'm not the only one who's like this! there's many others out there and some are even worse than me haha!

This day, I knew I've done something worthwhile. I do the laundry(as always) and as a reward, I got 7 pesos and 35 cents out of the pants of my family members who doesn't appreciate the value of barya! haha! that's almost a minimum jeepney ride or a chippy with 1 boybawang!haha! do you have laundry? leave it to me! just kidding! haha!

Ooooh!! it's getting hotter and hotter here. I better took my
bath before i collapse! enough for now..

2 comments are welcomed:

Anonymous said...

whoa. english. PA-CHEESEBURGER KA NAMAN! :))

pero, yeah, it is SO hot :|

jiMboy said...

buchet na chizburger yan! haha