Thursday, April 17, 2008

i got stinky, i got dirty, but see i earn.. earn more closer relationships! at calumpit =D

Well well well.. another place i've been to is at Calumpit, Bulacan. I just got home a while ago and after took my bath, I immediatey do my blogging session while my mind is still.

Yes im in there a while ago. I was ask if i could help my friends in there to prepare for their upcoming church activity for the next day. At first i hesitated. Oooh! Calumpit is pretty far from where i am.. imagine quezon city going to calumpit bulacan?? well.. not a surprise. ( I've travelled from home to nueva ecija without knowing where exactly is my destination) Yes it's way far from novaliches (where i live).. not to mention, the heat of summer. harmful sun, dry heat, plus the heavy traffic. But despite hindrances, still i go. I knew it would be better than staying home and waste another day of my life doing nothing.

After a long ride, i came! A little excited about seeing some friends in there. A short rest and a lunch, we went to the place where we'll do the work. The acitivity is about "Filipino Games" if im not mistaken, and will be held in a bukid. yes it was a bukid! a field! It's been a long time since i stepped foot on a bukid. For an innocent little boy like me who grew up playing play station instead of luksong baka or patintero, seeing askals, puskals, rabbit size rodents and roaches instead of carabaos, goats, and cows, makes me ignorant of things surrounding me. Oh yes i always see them on television, pictures, but i hardly see real ones. Then we came in the site. Grasses are scattered. Insects, frogs(rrrrrrr!!!), and unfamiliar little creatures are everywhere. What we need to do is to build a tent-like roof to serve as a quarter or a comfortable place for them to stay. Kuya Mark, Ate Lean, Ate Grace, and Ate Lean's cousin(forgot the name), with their wit and creativity, the job is well done! thanks to them.. i only do the tabas and the raking thing. Actually, kuya Mark does more work than me LOL.. Who said that cutting grasses using itak is easy?? and kalaykay too?? think again! because you might end up with an itchy hands and arms. After that, the area is nice and clean (good enough!) unlike when we came. And the tent is good too! We went back to Ate Lean's house to take some rest and merienda!! It's always a part of everything s Filipinos! MERIENDA!!!

And friends came.. there goes Rov coming from school to ate lean's house. Minutes later, Joyce came. And there we go. chit chatting, laughing, some stories, and kuya Mark and ate Grace are still busy putting up holes in the pipes as a material for the tomorrow's activity. I was there observing, not much of a word coming out of my mouth. More on facial expression (if you don't know what to say or what to do, your face can do it for you! it's effective!) And as i was observing i notice Joyce. Knowing her of being a jolly and talkative. Yes! talkative but not of what i expected. blah! blah! blah! hahaha!!! super makwento yet entertaining added the fact that she looks pretty even doing crazy things. And there's also Rov. Rov is seemed to have the probinsyana accent when speaking although not all the time but when you were with her you'll notice it. Makes anyone think of her as an innocent girl. But not for me, I've known her! lakas mangasar nyan! haha! a little childish and makulet makes her really cute. Ate Lean was also there. She is the one i know really well. Being in there, i hide myself in her shadows when facing other people. I was like her little brother holding a big lollipop on my right hand, baloon tied on my left hand, wearing a jumper shorts, and wears a mickey mouse hat. I go wherever she go and do whatever she does. I was like a child lost in Calumpit LOL! Truly, she does a lot for me when i was in there and I'm very thankful about ate Lean.
(anak ng tipaklong!! ganda ng write up ku sa inu tatlo ah?? manlibre ulit kayo next time haha!)

Rain came that time so we spend more time at ate Lean's house watching Uber hoping the rain would stop. Rain stopped and we went to church. We just go there to check the place to be ready for tomorrow's activity. And after, they decided to go somewhere. I, being a stranger in their place, of course would go with them. A jeepney ride and there it is! I saw white smoke and a crowd. "where there is smoke, there's ihaw!" i knew it! In a rescue operation, a white smoke signals for help, but for me, white smoke means GRILLED!! isaw to be specific. But there's a lot more than isaw in there. It's a kind of restaurant where they serve hot on the grill foods. And more surprisingly, customers are expected to eat with kamay! (your hands as
utensils) yes! i do kamay when eating but what struck me is it's the first time I eat in a restaurant with kamayan system. (yah i know they exist, but I didn't expect I'll experience it that night) And it was good! food is great, together with my loka loka friends with me. (peace!)

Truly I enjoy the company of my friends in there. Ate Lean, Joyce, Rov, Kuya Mark, Ate Grace, thanks a lot for the.. for the... you know what is it! If I went to batangas with my other friends, I may not have this experience I've been to. I'm glad I did sonething that helped others, and not only to people but also to God and I'm truly greatful. And that would not be the last I promise. As Gen. Douglas McArthur said " I Shall Return!"

thanks for the chocolate! love it!! =D

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