Friday, May 9, 2008


Last night, going home from my head-aching work, The usual thing, (from the MRT) I rode the FX from North Ave, to Novaliches-Bayan. There I sat in the middle seat in the extreme right where you most get annoyed by unloading passengers(fortunately were in the same unloading place). Rush hour it was. People are tired, pale, rushing home to take their rest is all in everyone's mind. In my left is a girl. She wears white, with her bag, and holds a black jacket maybe to keep her warm in the air-conditioned office. The FX was easily filled by people and we set off immediately. And then I feel her head leaning on my shoulders. Little by little I can feel the weight of her head in me. Because of exhaustion, she easily fells asleep and unconscious.

As the driver brakes, her head slips from my shoulders gaining her consciousness but only for a little while and gets back to sleeping state. At first, I look at it as somehow disturbing knowing that we don't have an idea about each other. But then, what if I'm in her position?? I also did that sometimes when I'm all used up and I can't help but fell unconscious at public places. So I give her my shoulders for her to feel a little comfort. Thinking that simple thing wouldn't hurt but would help. I suffered from a hard cough and I don't want to wake her because of that. Even breathing limits me from moving. I know that she's half-conscious(one-fourth i guess =D) that she knows she's leaning on me. All through out the travel I've seen a pretty girl's wackiest side. Turning her head as if she was possessed, head-banging because of the driver's unawared brake attempts, poise is somewhere far from that certain situation. At first, she only leans her head at me, but as we travel far, her head leans facing me shoulder. She could wet my shirt if she's wet dreaming or something. Me too was totally used-up of work and I worry if I still did smell nice but she's not reacting then maybe I'm not. I've seen her every movement peripherally but not directly since it was dark and looking at her face directly was I think not an appropriate manner. But that doesn't a problem because I got a solution to that since I'm doing that often. My mobile phone, when keypad-locked turns off the lights as if it was a dark mirror. So a little angle would see her face without others idea. She's angelic and cute, but age is predictable. She's around 25-26 years of age(the way she dresses) which lessen my admiration(tanda na nya! haha). It is now time to depart ways. I was the one who gets out the FX and that was the only time she's truly awaken. Knowing she might stumble because of a quick response to her consciousness, I looked after her and she gains her balance and immediately leaves.

Disappointed I was, she walks the route I was into. So I was walking behind her but not intended. There I was expecting a little appreciation. Even an eye-contact could tell me her regards. But as as she walks into a commercial place, light strikes her face and her whole being leaving me so disappointed and I said to myself: "pambihirang buhay ar'e u'oh!"

In my head, I saw Jay Contreras as if he was my little angel conscience singing "ChicksiloOoOoOog... babaeng may itlog!!"

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deejaye eleven said...

ahaha. ano ba yan. akala ko love story na ung kasunod. wahahaha!! joke!

eh naku. onga kung parents mo nagbabasa na ng blog mo maglipat ka na. nyahahahahaha!!!!! :p

jiMboy said...

Badtrip nga eh! Hindi pa man din aku nakakaisang buwan sa pagb-blog maglilipat aku agad.

Peru magiisip nalang aku ng ibang paraan para dun. Mamaya pakialaman ku laptop ni erpats i-block ku URL ng blog ku hahaha!

salamat sa comment Mr. Deejay!
maya maya aku magbasa ng mga blog nu =D

Happy Mother's Day sa mga inay ng inyong buhay =D

Helga said...

Despite the ending, you're kinda creepy :P

The Deranged Writer said...

Shit. Delilah nung una, Samson pala! Hahaha. Kinilabutan ako!

jiMboy said...

@helga: Hahaha! XD

@the deranged writer: Isa lang ang natutunan ko dito, "Kapag inakalang maganda sa dilim, sa liwanag ay nakakarimarim!" Hahaha! =D

salamat sa mga comments nyu =D