Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm struggling on what layout should I use. Kind of annoying. Before it was a plain black default blogger layout but people thinks of it as an emo-authored work(which is quite not). I wonder why color black triggers sad emotions, death, fear, evil, or any negative things in the minds of many. But black also denotes strength, power, mystery, prestige, elegance, and authority.

"I use black, black is good! ... my name is WEYN!"

as being said in a shampoo advertisement.

Changing my layout, I thought of things that suits my immature personality. Like being a cartoon freak! My all time favorite was the classic tome&jerry. So I searched for pictures of them and even searched for layouts. I laze searching for it so I think I'll portray the manly side of me. Talking about manly, poker comes first in my mind haha!(immature still!) I'm a poker freak(who stays up all night playing poker at browsers) who enjoys playing poker at it's fullest hahaha! Grabbing some playing card pictures, It is now a white(second favorite color next to black) poker theme blog. But my mind changes like a craving pregnant mom. And yup! I've changed it again and again.. I ended up restoring my old template which is black. But I added a picture of patrick star because I always see myself on his shoe(and a little color i guess!). Well.. I don't mind others calling it emo. Because truly this is not. Nothing against those people but honestly, I myself is bored reading emotional griefs or "the-world-hate-me" articles. But there are those creative bloggers who can deliver it the interesting way. So there.. I ended up being immature haha! but who cares?? this is what I am! XD Nothing more to say.

6 comments are welcomed:

Helga said...

An option is to ditch blogspot and move to Worpdress :P More flexibility in terms of themes.

jiMboy said...

oooh.. parang ang hirap iwan nitong blogspot ku! *teary eyed* haha! I'll think about it anytime I'm free. Thanks for the comment Ms. Helga =D

The [Deranged] Writer said...

Hi Jimboy. It's days after you passed by, and I would like to thank you for dropping by my blog. Late, I know. Haha. But that would be better than never, right?

Anyway, if you want to customize your layout, go to Wordpress and choose a variety of themes there. They're easy to update, anyway.

If you don't want to leave your Blogspot site, learn the basics of HTML and CSS. There are some tutorials online, and HTML happened to be the easiest-to-learn computer language. You'll get a knack of memorizing all the tags, then the CSS codes eventually.

I bet you'll pick option 1, by the way. Haha.

jiMboy said...

maybe i'll move to wordpress since my pudracles are reading my blogs and it kinda annoying. haha! thanks for the comment Mr. Deranged =D

xG said...

blog layouts
pretty much gives the readers
an idea of what
the blog owner's personality is.

i spend so much time
finding base codes
and editing layouts
during my blogger days

raise that to the second power--
and voila!
wordpress php codes
are much challenging

its my therapy

but id rather tell you
to stay on blogger

jiMboy said...

yah i'll stay here. Meju nakakatamad na magpalit. Me katiting na idea naman ku about html, i think that will do.. thanks Ms. xG