Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Been very tired from work. I got into a situation that I cannot escape. I'm only 19. A 3rd college-course taker and a bum for this past semester. Due to boredom of past sem without school, and as a normal teenager of this era, Internet and my computer inhabits me. Learning many things. And for that, I became a video editor(someone offered and I with a little knowledge, stupidly agree). Traveling from Novaliches to Sucat, Paranaque daily. It was a dumb decision to make. It's tiring. The work I'm doing is a professional matter which not qualifies me. But somehow I can comply with it. It's like an elementary student doing college algebra!

It really pissed me, my blogging time is only making comments for others and none for posting an entry. Grrr! Our Summer Camp is near!(it's still summer even though it rains) and I don't want to be left behind because of my responsibilities! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! XD

26 comments are welcomed:

xG said...

salamat naman
at isa ako
sa mga past times mo
na bigyan ng comment

yaan mo
makakaraos ka rin
kailangan mo lang pagdaanan yan

jiMboy said...

haha! Walang anuman. Mas marami kasi akong anahon ngayon mag-comment kesa magpost ng sariling entry haha!

sana nga ay matapus na! salamat sa comment =D

kingdaddyrich said...

ahahaha! salamat din sa panahon mo sa pag kumento sa blog ko. speaking of kumento, may reply ako sa comment mo. :D

jiMboy said...

@kingdaddyrich: ayan nagcomment na ulit ako. Sa Juan Luna kami dati nakatira. Ngayon, bumabalik nalang aku para magsimba sa may Moriones sa plaza kung saan ang mga tambay ay naglalaro ng sport nila B1 at B2. Yung parang golf! hahaha!

salamat sa pagbisita! Dahil kababayan kita, (wahahha!) pasok ka sa eggroll ko XD

Jmar said...

That was one helluva work you got. I don't want my summer to be filled with a whole bunch of work I don't really feel like doing. It really sucks. By the way, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog and...good luck with your work and your camp! :D

Exchange links? :D

Heart of Rachel said...

I guess traffic can add to the stress of traveling. On the brighter side, I'm sure you're learning many valuable things with your video editing work.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Erika said...

isipin mo na lang ang paycheck. :P btw, i linked you up. :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe! it's okay.... at least you will be forced to learn something... yun nga lang with pressure.... inhale, exhale... inhale, exhale... hope you'll be fine soon. btw, thanks for dropping by my mansion (aka blog). hehehe!

jiMboy said...

@jmar: I got this job only for only two weeks and yet I'm on a rampage of deadlines! but it's gonna end soon. XD links?? no problem. =D

@heart of rachel: surely do! I rode a jeepney, an FX, an Mrt, another jeepney, and a tryk if late. But yes. I learned a lot.

@erika: hopefully tomorrow, I'll receive my first paycheck! I'll link you in return. Thanks =D


jiMboy said...

@ifoundme: yah! In my 19s of years, I am already exposed to this pressures. I guess office works are all like this haha! thanks for dropping by =D

Jmar said...

Thanks! I linked you already! :D

The Deranged Writer said...

Working deprives a blogger from his or her passion. I know that really sucks, but that's fine because posting and blog hopping are not mandatory (unless you are REALLY dedicated to blogging). :)

Arli said...

good luck na lang sa work! :D
Haha salamt sa pagkomento po.
yep, yun nga rin sabi ng marami eh kaya ayaw nila kay Cook. may pagkamayabang. haha ayus lang, magaling naman sya. haha

Anonymous said...

Lol. Giving back comments used to be one of my pastimes. But due to so many paper works for school, I only have little time to leave comments on blogs that I read nowadays. Matagal na nga akong hindi nagblobloghop at magiwan ng comments sa mga blogs na first time ko pa lang nakita e.

jiMboy said...

@arli: unga naamn magaling siya kaya ok lang. deserving to win. =D

@christian: yah! hirap nga. Dbale nalang kung dedicated blogger ka haha =D

salamat sa pagbisita! =D

bulitas said...

make blogging yer chill moments then.
don't let work stress you out.


jiMboy said...

Yup! you're right. Right now I'm getting used to it. In a matter of time, I'll be working, at the same time study, and would blog as always. It's a part of me that is hard to take.

Thanks for commenting Mr. Bulitas =D

Anonymous said...


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