Friday, September 5, 2008

If only!

If only you weren't my father, I wish all the damn for you!!!

(my rants will I post the next time) GRRRRRR!!!

6 comments are welcomed:

Lalaine said...

i don't know the story behind this post... but i hope everything gets well.

btw, i already liked you up.

Anonymous said...

pero if that's how you feel and think, parang ganun na rin yun without saying it..
you know what, people might think that your dad is sooo cruel.


jiMboy said...

Thanks for liking me. I like you too. LOL Thank you very much. Everything will be fine XD

Your name explains thyself. Yah, people might think my dad is cruel but I won't let that happen. I'll post follow ups but not that detailed. You can check my previous posts for some other father/son rants. LOL This is me when I got some rude conversations with my dad. Im so sorry. I love my daddy also :D

Rio said...

huh? i'l just wait 4 ur next post so i could really understand...
i love my dad..hehe

ja bautista said...

kanta ba ito kuya jimbo? :D

Ely said...

doesn't sound right. no rants posted so far, hope everything's ok now.