Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got inspired by the event we've held last sunday night. It is our regular fellowship with my fellow youths and friends(called morethantwo or >2) about God and our spirituality but in a different approach. It was truly amazing! Praise God!

And uhmm... yes I'm here again. I had full ideas, emotions, rants, or whatsoever, so now I am transferring it to my blog. Low memory na kasi eh! LOL

-Photo is done by good friend Jars and is a property of >2.

Great minds are here:
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  • Visit our morethantwo fellowship >2
  • Ayie is here

I'll just pretend I am Legolas. I'm gonna shoot my arrows of thoughts in random. And yes! I am that guy in the left. LOL

I am back to the circulation. I've experience downtimes and the breeze of laziness. I decided to drop my PE class but they won't allow me since it was half way the semester. Good thing, some influential man in our school helped me. He'll set an arrangement to my PE prof for me to be able to pass it as long as I am concern with he subject. And surely I did grab the opportunity. And after series of school absences, I reap what I saw. Low midterm grades. But as I talked to some of my professors, I promise to get back and do what i should do. And as they see it, they are affirming that they're happy seeing me at my best again. Telling me I should keep it up!

We're doing good. Though my previous post is some kinda hateful post, I'm sorry. I sometimes blog the time after my father would scold me LOL. And that was out of emotions. Somehow it gives me the relief. But after a little time, I'm ok. It's just all part of growing up! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!

Still zero. I am now enjoying being single but being loved, by my friends. Oooh ok I'll be honest, I think I am presently infatuated. This is for me, different from having a crush. For me a "crush" is something not serious. I can even tell a girl(who I crush!! LOL for the term), I love her but not meaning it. It's just that easy. Uhmmm... This is the feeling close to love but I personally dun want it to happen. She's a good friend of mine and if loving her means losing her in the next months or years, I don't dare taking risks. This will do. I'll just let her be happy and be there if she needed someone to talk to. Naks! Emo! XD Besides, the reason of my previous breakup is that I don't want to hurt feelings anymore because I'm not good at relationships(romance, love).

I have lots of friends. Count the stars, my friends are no 1% of those LOL. So much blessed to have them. They're my treasures, my wealth. If only I could feature you here 1 by 1, I already did. And those that I am missing so much(Faye Nathanielle De Guzman! special mention wahahahaha). From all K.I., >2 geeks, and the brilliant execomm, my self-claim little sister Miles(Muwah!), the superb finance head Nanah! Naks kasali!! Basta sa lahat ng nakikita kong tao sa morga! HAHAHA Uhmmm...

Uhmm... Sad because some of my classmates decided to withdraw all their subjects for an unknown reason. One of them whose for me, the fairest among them all. She's one reason I go to school. LOL Well.. It's their choice.

My relationship to God is better since I got intact with my church again. And those friends may not knew it, but they inspired me a lot. And those church workers I looked unto. God has touched me. But I don't want to stop yet! I'm still hungry for more. I want to gobble more, wallow more. Give me more of Jesus!! Attend our fellowship and you'll see what I am talking about. :D

I think this is all for now. I'm starving! Godbless you :D

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Anonymous said...

im just happy to see bloggers
who has an intact relationship
with the lord

alam mo naman
sa mundo ng blogosphere
puro lokoloko ang tao
refreshing makita
ang entry na ito


jiMboy said...

marami diyan christian bloggers. Tahimik nga lang sila at hindi masyadong marami ang readers nila. But still, I'll try to catch more readers para naman makahawa kahit papaano. :D Oh ako ang nahahawaan?? haha salamat miss xenah :D

FerBert said...



finally may mukha na ang writer ng blog na ito

iniisip ko kase kung ano itsura mo eh..

spread the word of God
spread the love


jiMboy said...

me muka na nga, ung ndi pa pormal! hahahaha salamat FB :D

Gamz said...

tama yan jimbo...hehe...marami din talagang christian bloggers...unti lng talaga ang readers...hindi ako kasali dun...haha...kahit na wala ako readers...ngbblog pa din ako...parang online journal na din kasi to...high tech lang...

jiMboy said...

Nyahahah napadpad ka dito ah? di ku inaasahan. Padamihin mu din readers mu kase. Dali lang naman makabulag ng mambabasa. XD

ja bautista said...

naks! galing ni senpai! *clap*

jiMboy said...

Nahahaha naligaw ka rin dito ja! babaguhin ko nanaman blogroll ku. palit ka kasi ng palit ng link. :D

ifoundme said...

yehey! he's back.... and who's that lucky girl you are infatuated with? crushes are harmless... yung iba kasi binibigyan ng mas malalim na kahulugan ang crush.... don't worry about what you ranted before... this is your blog and human as you are, yo uare entitled to all sorts of feelings. yung after nun is what matters.

you know what? just having a meaningful relationship with the Lord is good enough to have a peaceful life. so hold on. do i even have to tell you that? LOL! have a great day and don't neglect your studies! now i talk like a mother! LOL!

jiMboy said...

Thanks for that mommy IFM LOL. I really do appreciate your words :D

_ice_ said...


natatawa ao sa pix.. lalo na kay legolas...

salamat sa pag daan...


Rio said...

"My relationship to God is better since I got intact with my church again."
>> that's nice..

Lawstude said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings dude. I appreciate it. Linked you too.

jiMboy said...

@ice: galing noh? gawa yan ng friend kung si jars. haha i linked you up. salamat! :D

@rio: thanks :D

@lawstude: thanks for linking me up. :D

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jimboy. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Parents always have their children's best interest at heart. I'm glad that all is well between you and your father.

Friends are indeed treasures worth keeping.

Jmar said...

Ayos ah. Hehehehe.

Anyway, para palang Coke ang love life mo...Zero. Lol. Ang corny.

jiMboy said...

@heart of rachel: yup! me and my father are doing good. I guess it's all part of growing up. I love my friends too! so much :D thanks for the comment.

@jmar: Muntik ku na isingit yang joke na yan dun sa love section. Kaya lang ang korni nga! LOL XD salamt sa pagbisita :D

karmi said...

salamat sa pagdaan sa blog. =)

naks naman sa poster. :) panalo.. buti naman ok ang lahat ng aspects ng buhay mo, pati na rin usapang lablyp. :D nakakakilig nga ung may crush eh, mas ok kesa may boiprend o gelprend.. hehehe..

jiMboy said...

@karmi: Haha! masaya magka-kras! pag kras pede madami eh. Pag gelpren, isa lang pede. LOL XD

deejaye eleven said...

naku updated pala ang blog mo nitong nakaraan hehehehe!

Erika said...

it's nice to here na you have good relationships with the people in your life and may i say with your academics as well. :D

ps. i was never a fan of lotr. i dunno why. did i miss something in my life for not watching/reading it?

jiMboy said...

@deejay: Oo nakaupdate yan. Ikaw nalang ang hinde haha. Bisitahin kita minsan :D

@Erika: You probably missed something in life. Maybe?? :))Nice having you on my comment page again. Dalawin kita maya :D

Salamt!! :D